Annual Edinburgh Meeting of the Registry of Scots Nobility

Unfortunately, due to the corona virus pandemic, this years meeting of the Registry of Scots Nobility has had to be postponed.

Next year’s meeting will take place at the New Club, Princes Street, Edinburgh at 10.00 a.m. on Saturday the 10th of September, 2022.  All those on the Registry (Peerage, Baronetage and Baronage) are most welcome to attend.  The theme next year will center on some of the changes that have taken place with Scottish titles the past two decades. Speakers will include: Members of the Peerage and Baronage, Solicitors involved in the legal aspects of inheritance and titles, and an Heraldic artist who will speak on the preparation of Coats of Arms. 

We propose to have a modified version of the 200th Anniversary celebration of the 1822 Peers Ball attended by King George 1V at the Assembly Rooms.  Members of the Registry in attendance, who provide the Chancellor with prior notice, may receive a Certificate certifying membership of the Registry and also there attendance at the 200th Anniversary Celebration. This will be presented by the Earl of Loudoun.  This function will be instead of the usual lunch which is held at the New Club after the annual registry meeting.

It is also intended to hold an Assembly of Scots Nobility approximately every five years in the tradition of the Scots Nobility prior to the Act of Union. Many of the attributes of Scots Nobility have no present outlet. For example, the Barons Mantle has rarely been worn since the demise of the Scots parliament. Similarly, the opportunity for a purely Scottish gathering of nobility including the Scots Barons has not presented itself for several centuries. This assembly would also recognize the inherent nobility of Clan Chiefs and similar individuals.